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What if an exploration of nature rejuvenates due to being soldered with trekking and camping in the lap of nature. Himalayan Tourismo creates the same prospect for hardcore lovers of trekking and camping in a higher range of Himalayan mountains.

Trekking and Camping sound even extra boom superior when a group of excessively skilled mountaineers joins you to back from tooth to nails all possible way to make your wildest journey audacious to the mighty Himalayas.

We are all open for those who are commendably enthusiast to get pleasure from trekking and camping at the shore of glacier-fed rivers, a walk through the untouched dense forest, and a trek on snow-covered steeply mountains. The description may seem you quite fictional but once you join Himalayan Tourismo it will be a real-life experience of yours that you will keep on remembering rest of your life.

We make sure a complete camping and trekking tools and pieces of equipment along with your safety measures throughout your journey as we highly consider the trekkers the members of our family. We walk with the trekker shoulder to shoulder without letting the trekkers feel any sense of nervousness and loneliness after all the true mountaineers in need of the mountaineers are true.

Why Himalayan Tourismo, why not some other trekking company?

The other trekking companies are just companies who have the essence of trekking in the Himalayas but Himalayan Tourismo doesn’t have that essence because it is ardently rooted from the knowledge and significance of Himalayas. The members of Himalayan Tourismo have been trekking the Himalayas for decades and some of them born and brought up very next to the Himalayas.

Our mountaineers have not only completed their mountaineering training and course under well-organized institutions only but they also learned a lot by living in the Himalayas, their DNA belongs to the Himalayas as they are the son of these massive mountains since their birth. We know each and everything about the trekking areas of Himalayas in detail to make your trekking and camping journey even more exploratory and impulsive.

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If you are all set to engage yourself with an extraordinary journey to trekking and camping in the Himalayan region, then it’s time to take the call and make the courageous journey an unforgettable experience of your life.

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