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Brief Description


Kedarkantha trek is one of the most adventurous trips on the lap of the Himalayan mountains. Kedarkantha mountain is situated at the Western Gharwal of Uttrakhand State and shares the region of the great Himalayas. Kedarkantha trek submission peak lies at an altitude of 12500 ft high where the trekkers can have a magnificent view of 360 degrees of several sacred peaks of mountains such as Swargarohini, Black Peak, and Bandarpoonch during submitting at the peak of Kedarkantha thereby Kedarkantha trek is amazingly one of the most mesmerizing treks of Uttrakhand. 



best trek in uttarakhand himalayas, kedarkantha trek the best trek in uttarakhand,                                                               A worth seeing view of Kedarkantha trek



The Kedarkantha trek begins from Sankri to Kedarkantha covering the distance of 19km, Sankri is a beautiful place itself which is the base camp for nature lovers where you can enjoy the beauty of apple orchard along with the traditional customs of 120 villagers who are highly welcoming and social and love to entertain the tourists through their folk music and dance. If you are fond of experiencing traditional activities of other sorts of the community then you going to enjoy folk art from around bone fire at night. Many famous treks of Uttrakhand are starting from Sankri.


Having covered the distance of 9km from Sankri you would excitedly happen to experience Judatal lake which remains frozen between December to February. The walkthrough Sankri to Kedarkantha enables you to explore the beautification of the rich dense forest of pine trees which seems to be a heavenly aura delighting the mood of trekkers or tourists. In a comparison of other treks, the Kedarkantha trek is best for beginners and also very rewarding among other treks of Uttrakhand.


The Final Destination

Finally come to the hot spot place which is none other than but the Kedarkantha trek summit point the final and mind-blowing destination which gets covered with 15 feet thick pearly appearing snow-covered mountain and you would lovingly enjoy and spend the leisure time of yours the way you would have been dreaming to live it.

Kedarkantha trek is exceptionally one of the best trekking trips in the Himalayan region and nothing could be for any sort of trekking and camping lovers whether you are an amateur or professional trekker. There is perfectly a vast grabbing opportunity for snow Skiing.

Once your trekking and camping tour is over to have enjoyed Kedarkantha trek then you would never forget every moment in rest of your life because Kedarkantha trek and camping also let you experience the essence of Lord Shiva the Mahadeva as the mountains of Kedarkantha have been the adobe of Shiva!


How is the weather of Kedarkantha in the winter season?

 The weather of Kedarkantha remains between -5 and -15 during the winter season which is a quite hardcore temperature but ideal for those who love trekking and camping under subzero temperature and the excessively thick layer of snow.

In winter season the surrounding of Kedarkantha thoroughly is much more beatified on account of heavy snowfall as if the trekking place is some glacier of the Himalayas. Judatal lake remains frozen in Kedarkantha and also the river gets frozen in the winter season.

how is kedarkantha trek in winter, kedarkantha winter trek                                                                                                                 A view of Kedarkantha trek in winter                                                                                             


In winter season the trekker can enjoy not only Kedarkantha trek and camping but also they can do skiing on the heavy snow-covered area of Kedarkantha trek.

If you are an enthusiast fun loving person then Kedarkantha trek in Uttarakhand must be added to the list of the adventurous trip directory since winter season sounds and seems even more exciting and thrilling for true trekking lovers.

Is Kedarkantha trek is safe in winter or Is it safe to trek Kedarkantha in the winter season?

Whether you go for a trip on Kedarkantha trek in winter or summer season it’s completely safe in both seasons but it depends how you are about to be the part of Kedarkantha trek. Confused? Well! Come up with an answer to the question. If you have been trekking several times and hold enough experience of trekking and camping on the lap of the Himalayas then you can go for trekking without the assistance and hiring any trekking and camping company or service provider yet make sure to have a bunch of your fellow member as you are trekking the wildest and toughest trekking and camping place across India.

As Kedarkantha trek is done on Himalayan mountain lap thereby the Kedarkantha trek can’t be taken for granted even one of the hardest trekkers across the world gets accompanied by a team of trekkers. Kedarkantha trek has nothing to do with weather conditions much after all you are planning to trek the part of great Himalayas.

If you haven’t trekked ever or you don’t have as much experience as Kedarkantha trek demands then make sure one of your team members has experience. If none of your team members have eligibility to trek on their own we strongly recommend you to have the assistance of professional trekkers before you join Kedarkantha trek.

Finally, we have to say the Kedarkantha trek is all safe for trekking in the winter season, you just need to bear the above suggestion in your mind rest you can rock Kedarkantha trek.

Is Kedarkantha Trek is easy or tough?

In a comparison of other Himalayan treks, Kedarkantha trek is easier and quite ideal for the amateurs. Kedarkantha trek is easy to moderate trek and the landscape you trek is not too steep to trek Kedarkantha.

Whichever trekking company or service provider you hire for going on Kedarkantha trek they mostly have the team of natives of Uttarakhand state this is why you can easily rely on them because they know very well the all weathers condition in the Himalayan region of Uttarakhand.

The trekkers walk with you shoulder to shoulder and guide you during the entire trekking and camping trip.



The other trekking companies are just service provider of trekking who have the experiences of trekking in the Himalayas whereas Himalayan Tourismo has not only the experience but it is also ardently rooted from the knowledge and significance of Himalayas on account of that they back and guide trekkers well on Kedarkantha trek. The members of Himalayan Tourismo have been trekking the Himalayas for decades and some of them born and brought up very next to the Himalayas hence Kedarkantha trek becomes even more adventurous and safer for the trekkers.

Our mountaineers have completed their mountaineering training and course under well-organized institutions and they  learned a lot by living in the Himalayas too, their DNA belong to the Himalayas as they are the son of these massive mountains since their childhood. We make sure each stuff available on Kedarkantha trek whether it’s trekking equipment or food and beverage. Our team of trekking and camping devotedly pay attention  to the trips of Kedarkantha trip and other the rest treks in Uttarakhand to make your trekking and camping journey even more exploratory and impulsive during Kedarkantha trek.

The Kedarkantha trek covers 4 days of program which has been detailed below.  


Camp at Sankri : It is the base camp of Kedarkantha trek which attitude is from 6,400 feet to 9,100

Distance of Kedarkantha Trek in Sankri : 4 kms of distance is covered During the 1st day of Kedarkantha trek that passes right through rich dense forest of pine tree, oak and, apple trees and finally the Kedarkantha trek meets with the vast lush green meadow of Sankri.

Time Duration of Kedarkantha Trek in Sankri: The trek may take about 4 to 5 hours.

 Juda-ka-Talab to Kedarkantha Trek Base camp

Camp at Juda-ka-Talab: The camp is installed at Juda-ka-Talab that lies at the attitude of 9,100.


Distance of  Trek: The total distance of 4 kms is covered during  trek from Juda-Ka-Talab to Kedarkantha trek base camp and trekkers are get to experience many sacred peaks of mountains like, Swargarohini, Ranglana, Bandarpoonch, Kala Nag and stand among the others.

Time Duration of  Trek from Juda-Ka-Talab to Kedarkantha trek Base camp: The trek probably take time over 3 hours

Kedarkantha Trek base camp to Kedarkantha Trek peak; descend to Hargaon camp.

Camp at Kedarkantha Trek base: The base camp of Kedarkantha trek is the place for camping which is full of lush green dense forest of many several varieties of tress.

Distance from kedarkantha Trek base camp to Kedarkantha trek peak: The trek takes  6kms to be completed going through different high attitudes; 8,900, 11250, and 12,500

Time Duration of Trek: 7 hours are the maximum time limit to complete this adventurous trek.

 Hargaon camp to Sankri 

Camp at: Haragon is most compatible place for camping thereby the camp are to be installed here.

Distance of Trek: The total distance of 6 kms is to be trekked  from Hargaon to Sankri

Time Duration of Trek: Just Within 4 hours the entire trek gets over with lots of relishing experience.

Ajay Negi
Ajay Negi@ajaynegi
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Thank you HT and special thanks to very efficient and friendly trek leader Nitin for making our trek easy and enjoyable.
Alok Tomar
Alok Tomar@Aloktomar
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Good organisation of the trek and excellent food provided!

Gallery of Kedarkantha Trek

What trekkers are supposed to carry with them on Kedarkantha trek and camping trip.

Before you join the Kedarkantha trek then please make sure to carry following things.

  • Trekking Shoes (water proof)
  • Water proof jacket.
  • Sunglass
  • Sun’s Cream and Lotion
  • Do carry as warm clothes as they the can withstand against the hardcore temperature hitting at -5 to -21 degree.

Stick to this point very cautiously that you have to carry winter clothes on Kedarkantha Trek. 

List of Does

  • You can carry your personal belongings.
  • You can carry eatable things.
  • You ought to abide by the guidelines and instructions of our mountaineers during the trekking and camping trip on Kedarkantha trek as it is for your safety.

List of Doesn’t

  • Carrying liquor is strictly prohibited during Kedarkantha Trek or any other treks.
  • Don’t bring your pets since it may be risky for them.

Facilities and inconvenience on Kedarkantha Trek

  • Last ATM falls at Mori, Uttarkashi. So Withdraw the needed cash with you.
  • No Mobile Network Coverage during the entire Trekking and Camping trip.

Age bar and Medical disclaimer on Kedarkantha Trek:-

Trekkers above 8 years old and upto 60 years of old are allowed to take part in trip.

Himalayan Tourismo payment norms and the cancellation policy on Kedarkantha Trek in Uttarakhand

  • Once payment is done then it will not be refunded thoroughly but the 50 % of payment is refundable in case of cancellation by clients or trekkers.
  • Payment can be made by cash or card(debit/credit)

Modes of payments:

  1. Pay Pal
  2. Google pay
  3. Phone Pe
  • 5 % of GST is additional on every trekking trip.
  • If you come across any query regarding the payment and Charges you can contact us on: Customer Support Number.

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