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Broadly called the ‘Heap of the Snake’, the Nag Tibba trek begins northeast of Mussoorie, at the lower regions of the Garhwal Himalayan extents, at a height of 3,048 meters. The neighborhood individuals have been offering supplications (Puja) to the Snake God (Bother Devta) at this pinnacle which is demonstrative of its holiness. They accept the Snake God shields their cows from snake nibbles. Nag tibba trek is ideal for beginners. It is very good for a short duration trek in Uttarakhand, near Mussorie or Dehradun. Anyone can start his trekking journey from this beautiful trek in Uttarakhand.



The Mussoorie-Nag Tibba trek will enchant each trekker, regardless of whether beginner or veteran. For guests originating from Delhi, it is an ideal and perfect end of the week trek. The trek offers guests the opportunity to enjoy an assortment of charming encounters, from the vision of the superb snow-topped mountains to outdoors under the star-lit night sky and strolling in the verdant lavish backwoods.


The Nag Tibba trek begins at the town of Pantwari by means of the slope station of Mussoorie. There are many beguiling little towns that encompass Pantwari, for example, Bandsari town, Kori town, and so on. From here, the trek makes a beeline for the towns of Devalsari and Thatyur. There is a separation of 8 kilometers from Pantwari to the Pinnacle of Nag Tibba. Trekkers will stroll through old timberlands loaded up with deodar and oak overflowing with extraordinary natural life. This is a track that will be a loved memory for life for both adrenaline-chasing experience buffs just as the most tranquil nature-cherishing trekkers.


The best time to attempt the Nag Tibba Trek is in the late spring months, from April to June, and the winter months, from October to December. For explorers who couldn’t imagine anything better than to encounter snow fall or snow trekking, which is in Chopta, the greatest months to venture out to Nag Tibba would be January to Spring.


Summer in Nag Tibba is charming and salubrious. The Himalayas can be seen from the separation. There is constantly a cool wind blowing to additionally comfort you. It is savvy to convey light woolens with you in the event that the night becomes colder.

 In Rainstorm:

 The lavish greenery of Nag Tibba is compelling in the rainstorm. There is no preferred understanding over tasting on some tea while looking at the snow-topped pinnacles of Nag Tibba while raindrops move surrounding you. There could be avalanches that outcome in blocked streets for quite a long time, yet at the same time the grand excellence of Nag Tibba merits all the issue. Make sure to convey parkas, obviously!


On the off chance that you are searching for tranquility and serene isolation, you can’t turn out badly with the Nag Tibba trek in winters. There will be snowfall during winters, however you can in any case appreciate the vision of Nag Tibba during winters that is unique to whatever else. This is what paradise on earth will resemble. Winters in Nag Tibba have frigid temperatures so make sure to convey substantial woolens



The other trekking companies are just companies who have the essence of trekking in the Himalayas but Himalayan Tourismo doesn’t have that essence because it is ardently rooted from the knowledge and significance of Himalayas. The members of Himalayan Tourismo have been trekking the Himalayas for decades and some of them born and brought up very next to the Himalayas.

Our mountaineers have not completed their mountaineering training and course under well-organized institutions only but they also learned a lot by living in the Himalayas, their DNA belongs to the Himalayas as they are the son of these massive mountains since their birth. We know each and everything about the trekking areas of Himalayas in detail to make your trekking and camping journey even more exploratory and impulsive.

Dehradun to Pantwari (1,400 m) to Kathian Campsite (2,265 m)

Trek from campsite to Nagtibba top(3,020 m) and back to Pantwari; Drive back to Dehradun.

Ajay Negi
Ajay Negi@ajaynegi
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Thank you HT and special thanks to very efficient and friendly trek leader Nitin for making our trek easy and enjoyable.
Alok Tomar
Alok Tomar@Aloktomar
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Good organisation of the trek and excellent food provided!

What trekkers are supposed to carry with them for trekking and camping trip.

Before you join the trekking trip so please make sure to carry following things.

  • Trekking Shoes (water proof)
  • Water proof jacket.
  • Sunglass
  • Sun’s Cream and Lotion
  • Do carry as warm clothes as they the can withstand against the hardcore temperature hitting at -5 to -21 degree.

Stick to this point very cautiously that you have to have to carry winter clothes. 

List of Does

  • You can carry your personal belongings.
  • You can carry eatable things.
  • You ought to abide by the guidelines and instructions of our mountaineers during the trekking and camping trick as it is for your safety.

List of Doesn’t

  • Carrying liquor is strictly prohibited.
  • Don’t bring your pets since it may be risky for them.

Facilities and inconvenience

  • Last ATM falls at Mori, Uttarkashi. So Withdraw the needed cash with you.
  • No Mobile Network Coverage during the entire Trekking and Camping trip.

Age bar and Medical disclaimer:-

Trekkers above 8 years old and upto 60 years of old are allowed to take part in trip.

Himalayan Tourismo payment norms and the cancellation policy 

  • Once payment is done then it will not be refunded thoroughly but the 50 % of payment is refundable in case of cancellation by clients or trekkers.
  • Payment can be made by cash or card(debit/credit)

Modes of payments:

  1. Pay Pal
  2. Google pay
  3. Phone Pe
  • 5 % of GST is additional on every trekking trip.
  • If you come across any query regarding the payment and Charges you can contact us on: Customer Support Number.

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